Seabirds on the Seashore

LIMITED EDITION STORY BOOK - An enchantingly educational story written by Stacey Belbin sharing the magical life of the ever changing mudflats.

The storm came, sudden and vicious.  Chaos and destruction tore through the creeks, obliterating everything in its path.  A mourning little egret not least felt the brunt of the raging storm, after the savage gales terminate any hope Edith had of a brood this year.  Would Edith ever find love and have a family again?  Discovery of a rare wading chick became Edith's only hope, but would this little chick find its way?  Abandoned and alone without example to follow; Sidney was born unlike any other wader; with an unusual bill.  As he strolled along the water's edge, unable to adapt to the other wader's fish catching techniques, he was flying solo.  The storm-filled night had much to answer for.  Could Edith and Sidney save each other or would their hearts break all over again?

A5 softback book.  Beautifully illustrated with meticulously attention to detail to help assist with identification and sharing interesting facts about the coastal birds. 


Available to buy onboard the boat for £10 or alternatively complete the below boxes and have the book posted with Royal Mail to your door for £11.80.