Young Sailors Exploration Trip

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Published on: 30-06-2020

Cost: £120 

Want to do a longer trip with the children? Why not book the Young Sailors Exploration Trip!


I have created two separate lesson plans packed with eccentricity to engage all learning styles to ensure every child’s imagination is captured and through such unconventional teaching methods children absorb and learn more about the topics covered on the trip. You have the choice to book either ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Survival in the Wild’. Take a look at the below descriptions of each trip to help you determine which would suit your group best:

Who am I?
A trip that takes you through the fascinating journey of a very important sea creature to Mersea. Unveiling the contents of 14 surprise boxes we start with its history, it’s economic value both past and present, it’s transportation modes to the industry’s markets. Exploring the biology and environmental science behind this incredible creature and the value it adds to support a vast ecosystem and attract the biodiversity of subspecies above and below the waterline by its mere presence in our waters. Learning those it preys on and those that predate it, and not forgetting the revelation of its magic trick to create a treasure of the ocean through just a grain of sand. We look at the lifecycle of this creature, it’s survival, along with both human and environmental impacts, the threats faced and associated with the concerning decline in population and solutions to these problems. Encompassing a variety of teaching methods to engage all learners of different learning styles and abilities. Working together as a team to guess the creature in question using a points related system that rewards or risks team points. They will be challenged, require risk taking, self-confidence, problem solving, to apply initiative, work together as a group enhancing their team building skills to complete their mission on the discovery of this very special creature infamous to Mersea.

Survival in the Wild
The trip commences in the deep end, using mathematical skills to calculate the mass of fish required to be caught and consumed by a seal each day in order to survive. With this calculation, all our activities work towards this goal in achieving points, representing fish, to feed our seal at the end of the trip. With four missions to complete during our trip the team spirit is promoted. Using the strengths of one person to counteract the weaknesses of another, revealing that each and every one of the children has something to give to the team to build their confidence. Our first missions involve various common seabirds and sea creatures, learning their most interesting facts through unconventional teaching styles that make learning fun for the children and to ensure all learning styles are catered for during the trip. We have written facts to read, brightly painted seashells of wildlife to see, props to wear, sounds of the birds to listen to, we taste the seaweed, we feel and touch the sea creatures, we use maths to apply to real life situations with a mix of group work and independent learning to cater for the visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary learning styles to ensure that no one is left out during this trip. I cover a range of topics from; history, geography, coastal studies, environmental science and religious education.

As always, every session ends with a quick fire-round session of questions to consolidate their learning and of course earn them more team points before their trip is over.
My vision at Lady Grace Boat Trips is to nurture, encourage and enthuse children to enjoy and want to learn more about the outdoor life, nature and its’ inhabitants.  To open children’s’ eyes to the wondrous nature we have around us and help them appreciate how special it truly is. To provide a dynamic and innovative trip that challenges, excites and inspires children to become successful and confident learners, and achieve their best, is the main driving force behind how I design and deliver this trip.  This is a 1 hour 30 minute fully engaging fun filled trip for the children so be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Cost: £120 for up to 12 people

To book this trip please give me a call on 07791 859624. Please bear in mind that due to the nature of my business I may not be able to answer your call immediately if I have a passengers onboard at the time of your call. However, leave me a voice message and I will return your call at my earliest convenience.

Booking in advance is essential and payment upfront to secure your booking is required in full at the booking stage without exception. 

This trip is specifically designed with schools in mind! Please contact me directly for school pricing as there may be a discount available for large groups.

I am proud to say that Lady Grace Boat Trips has the LOtC Quality Badge.  This is a national award combining the essential elements of provision - learning and safety - into ONE easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for ALL types of learning outside the classroom provider throughout the UK. 

To view Lady Grace Boat Trips LOtC Quality Badge please click on the below link:
LOtC Quality Badge 

I can cater for a range of age groups ranging from infants through to college and university students.  To see the range of activities I offer please download the full educational prospectus here:
Educational Prospectus

You can download and email the below booking form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to stipulate your group requirements or alternatively call the skipper, Stacey, on 07791859624:
Booking Form

I actively encourage feedback to ensure I am meeting your requirements and learning objectives and I appreciate all comments, good or bad, as these help me to adjust my curriculum accordingly.  Please download the following form and return to me after your trip, this form also has post-experience support to continue the topics learnt, during your boat trip, back in the classroom:
Feedback Form

After attaining my LOtC Quality Badge I noticed a big difference in the engagement of the school groups based on the amendments I made to my curriculum activities and it made me even more enthused to build further upon this engagement during the boat trip with the groups.  I wanted to expand upon my knowledge and learn to understand how to reach out and engage with groups with special needs and learning difficulties so I went on to further my education in this area and have obtained the below qualifications to help me better understand and adapt my teaching to these groups:
Level 2 Teaching Assistant Diploma
Teaching Diploma
The Complete SEN Level 2, 3 & 4 Diploma
Autism Diploma
ADHD Diploma
Dyslexia Diploma
British Sign Language Level 1 & 2
British Sign Language Level 3
British Sign Language Level 4
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma
Psychology Diploma
Combined Psychology and CBT Diploma
Health and Social Care Certificate

Lady Grace is committed to high standards, to ensure these standards are met at all times I adhere to the following policies and procedures:
Code of Conduct
Inclusion and Equality Policy
Child Protection Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Health and Safety Policy Statement
Fire Safety Policy
Fire Evacuation Procedures
Operating Procedures
Safety Procedures
Roles and Responsibilities
The following risk assessments have been carried out to ensure safety is paramount:
Group Risk Assessment
Manual Handling Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment

I am very aware that my boat trips have an impact on the environment and I work hard to minimise unnecessary impact and communicate with participants the need to take positive action to act in a sustainable way.  Despite my operation only being a 1 woman operation I still feel the need to carry out a risk assessment to help minimise my impact on the environment.  Please see my below risk assessment for this:
Environmental Management Risk Assessment
COSHH MSDS for Diesel
COSHH MSDS for Multi-Purpose Grease
COSHH MSDS for Antifreeze


Crabbing Jetty, Coast Road, CO5 8PA, West Mersea, Essex, United Kingdom

Phone: 07791859624


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