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Published on: 30-06-2020



What you need to know when booking a trip:

All trips, regardless of length, must be booked and paid for in advance to secure your trip.


Many of my trips have a 2-tier price option to make the trips affordable for both big and small groups. Children, babies and OAP's all count as a 'person' onboard, therefore if you have 6 adults and 2 babies then you will fall into the 'up to 12' price category without exception.


The departure point is at the end of the floating pontoon along Coast Road, West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8PA. Please be aware that this floating pontoon is used by children for crabbing activities so at first glance it can look like a massive queue waiting to get on the boat. If you continue to walk all the way to the end of the jetty and beyond the children crabbing, push to go through the gates at the hammerhead, this is the waiting area for the boat trips.


There is a carpark situated at the top of the floating pontoon, please bring change to put in the parking machine. If the carpark is full you will need to find a side road to park in so please allow plenty of time to get parked up and meet me at the end of the floating pontoon.


Please allow suitable time to park and arrive promptly at the time of your booking as this is the departure time and your trip cannot be extended on the day due to late arrival.


Dogs are only permitted onboard if they are kept on a lead and most importantly must be kept on the floor NOT on my seats please. Please respect these requests are in place for health and safety, hygiene and consideration of other passengers travelling onboard Lady Grace later in the day.


I appreciate when booking a trip onboard the boat, you may wish to spend the day in Mersea and may end up with children and adults playing in the mud and sand. Prior to your trip, please can you ensure all muddy, sandy boots and clothes are washed off before attempting to board my vessel. Lady Grace is a highly prestigious vessel and I am proud to maintain high cleaning standards therefore I ask that you respect my boat and leave the boat in the same condition as you found it.


I do not offer a running commentary as I feel you get a more personalised trip by being given the opportunity to ask me questions if you wish or to enjoy the trip in silence enjoying the peace and serenity of being on the water without me mumbling on in the background.


Please ensure you dress accordingly for the weather, i.e. if it’s hot and sunny make sure you wear sun cream, and if it looks uncertain please bring a jacket and warm layers. Sunhats and caps are not advisable on the boat as they often get caught by the wind and will blow off into the water and due to the shallow waters, we are not always able to recover lost items.


Please note: when booking the boat trip, you are paying for hire of the boat, you are not paying to hire the perfect weather for your trip or guaranteed the perfect sunset. It is an open boat to enjoy whatever nature throws at us, whether that be a glorious sunny day or a breezy drizzly evening – it is all part of the experience of being outdoors so please ensure you dress appropriately and that you are prepared for the experience.


Cameras and binoculars are recommended for those who are keen photographers and bird watchers. Lady Grace Boat Trips accepts no liability for any damaged or lost equipment onboard the board. You bring equipment at your own risk.


If you have any questions about my trips please call me on 07791859624. Please bear in mind that due to the nature of my business I may not be able to answer your call immediately if I have passengers onboard at the time of your call. However, please leave me a voice OR text me and I will return your call at my earliest convenience.


Please see full terms and conditions for more information regarding your booking.




Crabbing Jetty, Coast Road, CO5 8PA, West Mersea, Essex, United Kingdom

Phone: 07791859624


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