Themed Parties

Essex Boat Trips offer exciting Themed Parties for that special event such as a Birthday Party or other special occasions.  These include pirate treasure hunts, sunset cakes trips, trips to Bradwell Marina for evening meals, educational trips and much more.

Pirate Party - Treasure Hunt on the Lady Grace

The Lady Grace doubles as a pirate ship for a really fun themed party for little buccaneers! So why not make your next children's party extra special and have a pirate party for a maximum of 12 people where we have a treasure hunt boat trip with a treasure map, finding scull and crossbones chocolate coin treasure hidden in the creeks on other boats on our boat trip round.  

1 hour trip, £100 for the hour.

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Romantic Trip

Book in advance and send me 10 reasons why you love you partner and I will put these reasons into love notes in little cork bottles, your partner will think you are taking him/her out on a romantic boat trip round Mersea, when in actual fact he/she will discover your love notes have been scattered in cork bottles round the creeks for him/her to discover, like 'message in a bottle'.  If you have planned on showing your partner just how much they mean to you and plan to propose marriage, then that last bottle he/she discovers can be an extra special discovery.   You can continue the romance for a further hour and have a picnic out on the water too.  £100 per hour.

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Easter Egg Hunt Boat Trip

I offer an Easter egg hunt where we go on an hours boat trip in search of chocolate Easter treats.  The treats will be hidden out on other boats in the creeks.  It is a 1 hour trip, maximum of 12 people on the boat.

£100 for the hour.

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Halloween Trick or Treat Trip

All dressed up in our scariest costumes we go in search of 12 black nags hidden amongst the creeks, once found we have to put our hand in the bag without looking and pull out whatever its contents is.  It may be sweetie treats or it may be nasty tricks such as bloody eyeballs and severed fingers or rats, bats, spiders, cobwebs, cockroaches or even a snake.  Would you dare to put your hands in....£100 for the hour trip

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Christmas Reindeer Hunt on the Lady Grace

At Christmas time I offer boat trips where we dress up as elves and the children have to help me find Santa's reindeers which have gone astray in the local creeks, we have to round the reindeers up and as a reward for finding all Santa's reindeers in time for Christmas eve the children get chocolate reindeer treats. 

Maximum of 12 people, 1 hour reindeer hunt boat trip, £100 for the hour.

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