About Stacey & The Lady Grace

Hi I am Stacey Belbin

My dad was a commercial fisherman and from the age of 2 weeks old I was brought up on the water.  Ever since I can remember I have been helping dad clean and mend nets and catch fish.  When I left school I had straight A grades and went to work for a Bank, I studied my CEMAP exams and became their mortgage advisor and assistant manager.  My life was all about my career until I met my husband, then I realised life is for living and not for working all the time. 

I met Scott when I was 18, his dad had brought him up in the angling world and mine had brought me up in the netting world.  Our first date, Scott took me angling and since that date, dad lost his crew and Scott and I decided to buy our own boat, Galloper,  to take people angling at weekends.  We both had our day jobs, Scott as a carpenter and I in the bank, but we used to spend weekends running the fishing trips together. 

As the business grew I decided it was time for me to get my own toy to play with.  In March 2011 we bought Lady Grace, it took until the end of August to get her ship shape for passengers and then I ran her at weekends and continued my weekday office job.  In 2012 I then worked Lady Grace during the May and October half terms and the full 6 weeks school holidays.  After a heart related health scare, in January 2013, I made the decision to give up my day job from the April and run Lady Grace 7 days a week 364 days a year. Life is for living, no looking back, no regrets, I live every day like it is my last.

My first year was testing, it snowed most of April and continued to be bitterly cold during May and June, luckily July and August warmed up to be a scorcher and when September hit us the temperatures dropped again and winter was on its way. I didn’t give up my day job for the money, I gave it up for a better quality of life, to live my life without regret and make every day count.  Since giving up my day job I have created my own app to help people identify their coastal birds and I have published three books.  I love working on Lady Grace, every day and every trip is a different one, I meet different people and it’s a forever changing scenery with the tide coming in or going out and the different birdlife visiting us through the year. Being on the water is a peaceful and soothing retreat for me, it is full of beauty in every direction you turn and it is this beauty I wish to share with everyone.  I am lucky enough to be on the water with Lady Grace everyday, my days are full of magical experiences, mystical weather systems and fascinating wildlife.  If I can just share a tiny piece of this beautiful world, its wondrous nature and help others to appreciate what we have on our doorsteps, to encourage and enthuse our younger generations to interact with our outdoors then I will die a happy woman.  This is the difference I wish to make to our world, this is what I want to be remembered for.  When I die, I hope people will remember me for the passion I share of the water, the wildlife and the outdoors, I hope my photographs and my writing will live on forever.