My website is currently undergoing extensive renovation behind the scenes so please excuse that it is currently a little messy while I work on the new site to get it up and running. Here is a full list of the trips currently on offer and the up to date price list. Any prices seen elsewhere on this site are out of date so please use this Homepage as a reference for pricing when making enquiries and bookings with me.

Lady Grace Boat Trips operates all year round with a variety of trips on offer.

I have the following trip options on offer:

  • 20-minute trip round Packing Shed Island - £20 for up to 6 people, £40 for up to 12 people
  • 1-hour Creeks Excursion - £50 for up to 6 people, £90 for up to 12 people
  • 2-hour Wildlife Trip - £100 for up to 6 people, £180 for up to 12 people
  • 2-hour picnic trip - £100 for up to 6 people, £180 for up to 12 people (picnic not included)
  • 3-hour return trip to Bradwell for lunch - £150 for up to 6 people, £220 for up to 12 people (lunch not included)
  • 3-hour return trip to Tollesbury for lunch - £150 for up to 6 people, £220 for up to 12 people (lunch not included)
  • All day return trip to Bradwell to walk to the Chapel - £150 for up to 6 people, £220 for up to 12 people
  • 2-hour Sunset Picnic trip - £100 for up to 6 people, £180 for up to 12 people
  • Evening return trip to Bradwell for dinner in one of the local pubs and return trip over sunset - £100 for up to 6 people, £180 for up to 12 people
  • Evening return trip to Tollesbury for dinner in one the Harbour View Restaurant and return trip over sunset - £100 for up to 6 people, £180 for up to 12 people

Please note: ALL trips MUST be booked and paid for in advance. 

Under the recent February 2021 COVID19 lockdown announcement of staged reopening for businesses, I am awaiting further instruction from my local authorities for when I will be able to reopen and will update this accordingly. At the present time, no boat trips are permitted to run.

To book one of the above trips please call or text 07791859624 with the type of trip you are interesting in booking, the date you would like to book and for how many people. Please bear in mind that due to the nature of my business and being a one woman business I may not be able to answer your call immediately if I have passengers onboard at the time of your call. However, leave me a voice message or drop me a text and I will return your call at my earliest convenience.

Please note that until payment has been made, no booking has been made with me, the date I may have offered to you will be offered out to others until a payment has been made as being a small business that has been hit hard with Covid19 I can’t afford to turn bookings away so bookings are done on a first to make payment get the slot. I hope you understand this is not intended to be rude, it is just the way I need to operate in order to keep my business afloat in such an uncertain year.

Please note that a delayed departure will not be given if you turn up late and no refunds will be given unless the weather is too windy to operate the trip. The weather and sea state decision lies with your qualified skipper.

20 Minute Voyage

Lady Grace Boat Trips runs the 20 minute trips 7 days a week all year round from Mersea Island, times vary based on the time of year so it is best to check my operating times for the day via my online availability calendar. This calendar will also show you any given times during the day when I am booked on longer trips so therefore any times you need to avoid when planning a trip on the Lady Grace. The 20 minute trips do not require booking, just turn up at the end of the jetty within the times given on my availability calendar and wait for the boat to return. ***DUE TO COVID-19 ALL TRIPS INCLUDING THE 20 MINUTE TRIP MUST CURRENTLY BE BOOKED AND PAID FOR IN ADVANCE***

The departure point is at the end of the floating pontoon along Coast Road, West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8PA. Please be aware that this floating pontoon is used by children for crabbing activities so at first glance it can look like a massive queue waiting to get on the boat. If you continue to walk all the way to the end of the jetty and beyond the children crabbing, push to go through the gates at the Hammerhead, this is the waiting area for the boat trips, if there is anyone else waiting here then please check that they are queuing for Lady Grace Boat Trips to make sure you join the correct queue. I operate on a first come first serve basis so if it is a busy day please be sure to get in the queue and wait your turn. I have no sets times, I just leave whenever anyone would like to go and there is no minimum number required either so I can leave with as little as one person on board.  The 20 minute trip costs just £20 for a family or group of up to 6 people or £40 for a family or group of up to 12 people. A person includes children, babies and OAP's, every person counts as a passenger on the boat regardless of their age. I ask where possible if you could try to bring the correct money this would be most helpful as my change on the boat is limited. Dogs are only permitted onboard if they are kept on a lead, away from any nervous passengers and most importantly kept on the floor NOT on my seats please. Please respect these requests are in place for health and safety, hygiene and consideration of other passengers. The 20 minute trip consists of a gentle relaxing trip around the Packing Shed Island where they used to pack the oysters back in the 1850's, you can still see the remains from the old oyster beds today.  I can normally operate at all states of tide but should tides drop lower than predicted this can sometimes affect my operation. If you come out near low water then we are likely to see a variety of wading birds on the mudflats or if you come on high tide you will see Mersea Island from a completely different perspective motoring past a variety of different moored pleasure and working boats.  This trip is suitable for individuals, families, groups and schools. I do not offer a running commentary as I feel you get a more personalised trip by being given the opportunity to ask me questions if you wish or to enjoy the trip in silence enjoying the peace and serenity of being on the water without me mumbling along in the background.

I offer a variety of longer trips from sunset picnic trips up salcot, trips to Tollesbury for a meal in the Harbour View restaurant or a bite to eat in the Sail Loft Tearoom, trips over to Bradwell on the other side of the river to walk to the Oldest Christian Chapel in England or for a meal in the Marina Bar or Green Man and returning on sunset, children’s pirate parties, bird watching trips amongst the creeks and a ferry service for visiting yachtsmen.  To find out more about the longer trips please click here. All longer trips must be booked and paid for in advance to secure your booking.