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Tea & Cakes Sunset Trips


You can book a 1.5 hour boat trip where we will go on a boat trip up Salcot Creek before picking up a mooring, serving tea/coffee and cakes while we watch the sun set on the horizon and then head back into the quay. 

Cakes include a selection of cakes from the following: cinnamon and fruit muffins, rhubarb crumble cake, shortbread, flapjacks, chocolate muffins, peanut butter cupcakes, butterfly cakes, malt loaf, bread pudding, Belgium buns and much more. £10 per person, maximum 12 people.


PLEASE CALL 07791859624 to check availability and please read the T&C's regarding weather and cancellations prior to making your payment.

If you are booking the whole boat for this event you may choose other dates than those above to suit you.